Our Mission(Why does Response-Ability exist?)


Response-Ability guides individuals and teams to respond authentic and successfully to the (business)reality, both in line with business objectives and with personal goals.


"We create the Ability to Respond"



Our Vision (How does this looks like in reality?)


We collaborate with organizations and leaders who are dearing to combine sustainable  hard targets with authentic, respectful leadership. It's about a type of leadership that cannot be enforced,but it has to be earned based on your visible behavior.

We dialogue with those organizations and their leaders to develop an appropriate response to their questions. Together we create solutions that help individuals and teamsto be successful and authentic in their response to the reality. This creates a win-win situation for the company and the employee(s).

Employees and teams then start to make conscious decisions in ways that support both  themselves and their team/organization.



Our Strategy (How do we convert this Vision into practise?)


We create tailor-made solutions. Our offer includes the following products: individual coaching, teamcoaching, team building sessions with content, (leadership) training, Mission/Vision and Strategy Development.

We use  tools and methods that have proved their value in the past such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Core Quality model, the TKI-conflict questionnaire, the StrengthsFinder, the model of Logical Levels, AI or the Appreciative Inquiry approach, Intervision techniques,...

Our Values


                 Result Oriented

             Open & honest dialogue

             Creativity & room for fun

             Balance between thinking & feeling (head & heart)

             Focus on strengths (without ignoring the pitfalls...)




Between stimulus and response there is a space

In that space lies our ability to choose

Our ability to choose determines our growth and freedom


Stephen R. Covey