Response-Ability offers the following services: 


                    Individual coaching & Teamcoaching


Based on customer requirements Response-Ability creates a proposal. The specific goal of coaching is aligned with the relevant stakeholders. The focus may well be on growth, leadership development, career coaching or more general life issues.

In order to guarantee quality and integrity Response-Ability only works with certified coaches.



                    Teambuilding with a purpose


We believe in focused teambuilding, with a specific goal in mind (ofcourse, without neglecting the fun part ...). Again, we will consult our client and develop an appropriate solution with a clear focus on the desired goal.

We develop a program with an appropriate mix between doing, experiencing, reflecting, dialogue and, where necessary, we introduce relevant theories.





We help our client to clarify the organization's vision on leadershipcommunication, feedback,... We then deploy this vision within your organization with a training or workshop that fits your specific culture.

Other HR-oriented courses are availabe.





We give advice on HR related issues. After a thorough analysis of the organization, we give an advice with practical recommendations and we are happy to support the implementation of those recommendations in the organisation.



                    Mission, Vision & Strategy Development


These workshops in which we develop a Mission, Vision & Strategy are always thoroughly prepared in cooperation with the management of an organization, or a department. We guide the process to achieve a shared Mission / Vision. We concretize this further into Strategy and action plans.



Between stimulus and response there is a space

In that space lies our ability to choose

Our ability to choose determines our growth and freedom


Stephen R. Covey